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These docs are for Miniflare 2 which is no longer supported apart from critical security updates.
Please see the migration guide to upgrade to Miniflare 3, and the updated API docs.

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⚡️ Live Reload

Enabling Live Reload

Miniflare can automatically refresh your browser when your worker script changes.

$ miniflare --live-reload
live_reload = true
const mf = new Miniflare({
liveReload: true,

Miniflare will only inject the <script> tag required for live-reload at the end of responses with the Content-Type header set to text/html:

export default {
fetch() {
const body = `
<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>Try update me!</p>
return new Response(body, {
headers: { "Content-Type": "text/html; charset=utf-8" },